“I will do the very thing you have asked, I know you by name.” (Exodus 33:17)

Calvary Crusades

Calvary Festivals (Calvary Gospel meetings)

Feast of God’s word.

Bro.Satish kumar has touched millions of souls through television and has reached the four corners of the state with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus and his powerful word. His preaching and his ministry is widely accepted by all denominations and pastors from all backgrounds. Wherever Bro.Satish kumar travels to preach in Calvary festivals, thousands of people throng to listen to his life changing sermons. Through his messages, families are united, lives of young people are changed and people addicted with sinful habits are set free by the WORD.


The power of God’s word is always magnified and exalted. The beauty of Calvary festivals is that people come voluntarily to hear the good news of the gospel, confess their sins and experience a new life. This is very unique and has never happened before in the history of this state. Wherever he conducts meetings, Pastors and servants of God are respected, appreciated, recognized and honored. Bro. Satish kumar always travels with gifts to give to pastors as a token of love. In every meeting he has shown great respect and love to pastors by gifting them with a suite cloth.

Bro.Satish kumar always encourages the congregation to love and respect their local pastors and give them preference in everything. He also shows his love by inviting them on to the dias and recognizing them publicly. Bro Satish Kumar always believes that Love shown in Action is always better than Love shown by a thousand words. Glory to God!


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