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Reaching millions of perishing souls has always been the heartbeat of Bro. Satish Kumar and the only way to do so was to reach them via electronic media (television). In 2003 Bro. Satish Kumar started a television program and called it Calvary Swaram (The Voice of Calvary). This was a door that God opened to preach the gospel to millions of people. Initially Calvary Swaram tv program was being telecasted in a channel called Miracle-net. During these small beginnings, he had to face a lot of financial hardships. He couldn’t pay the broadcast fee of Rs. 20,000 and so had to discontinue the program for a brief period of time.

But God's grace was always there on his servant. One night when Bro.Satish kumar was praying and crying to God, God spoke to him and said “Today you are crying because you don’t have money to pay for even for one program, but the day will come when you will come back to me and cry in my presence saying – Lord I am unable to do so many programs, its too hard for me”. This promise and encouragement from God has kept his faith burning bright until this day. By God's grace today ‘ Calvary Swaram’ tv program is broadcasted in all major channels and around 500 programs are telecasted every month.

Highlights of Calvary swaram TV Program:

-- This was the first Telugu Christian program broadcasted daily in television by a Telugu preacher.
-- This program has the highest viewership in almost all Christian channels (as per feedback received from TV channels).
-- This program is rated to be one of the best television program by millions.
-- This program also has a high online viewers more than 100 Million.
-- This is broadcasted in more channels for more number of times than any other Telugu Christian program.

It is a wonder that Bro. Satish kumar who once could not even pay 5000 rupees for a program and had to discontinue it, is now able to reach millions of people through hundreds of programs. Glory be to God !

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