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The Largest Church in India


Bro. Satish Kumar started his walk with God at the tender age of 12. He began to learn to recognize Gods voice and know Gods will for his life and ministry. This has been the secret of his success and has laid a strong foundation for his ministry over the years.

In 1995 Bro.Satish Kumar heard God’s voice in his heart saying ‘I WILL GIVE YOU A VERY BIG CHURCH” This was even hard to imagine let alone think. He immediately shared this with his coworkers and started praying for God’s vision, plan and purpose to be fulfilled in his life.


Bro.Satish Kumar never wanted to be a famous preacher and never prayed to be one. He “NEVER WANTED TO BE A PASTOR, BUT ALL HE WANTED WAS TO BE WAS A MISSIONARY,PREACHING THE GOOD NEWS TO THE UNREACHED PEOPLE”. But in Gods sovereign will, He called brother Satish Kumar to pastor the largest church in INDIA.

It all began in 2005…..when God spoke to him to start Calvary Temple Church. Though Bro.Satish kumar was not interested in starting a church or being a pastor, yet he obeyed Gods command and started CALVARY TEMPLE with 25 people on June 5th 2005 in Kukatpally, Hyderabad India.

God has equipped Bro. Satish kumar to preach the word of God with Power and Authority. He adopted his preaching style from Lord Jesus Christ, that is .. preaching the word with illustrations and parables. This greatly helped people to understand the word and apply it to their daily lives. His spirit filled sermons have attracted hundreds and thousands of people to Calvary temple. By the year ending 2006 the church had nearly 1000 members.

God was with Calvary temple and was helping build the temple with living souls and as a result of this by the end of 2007 the church reached 3,000 members, and in 2008 – 8,000 members, 2009- 18,000 members, 2010- 30,000 members, 2011- 40,000 members, 2012- 50,000 members, 2013 nearly 80,000 members, June 2014 nearly 90,000 members, June 2015 More than 100,000 members, June 2016 reached over 160,000 members by the end of 2017 reached over 195,000 members, and now 225,000 worship God in this temple. Every month nearly 3000 people are added to the church and every year 25 to 30 thousands new members are added.

By God grace and by the diligence of Bro.Satish Kumar and his administration, Calvary Temple was able to secure its own land. Calvary temple moved from a rented premises to 12 acres of its own land. As soon the land was bought, worship services were started under tents for a few months.

Mean while Bro. Satish Kumar wanted to fast and pray for forty days. 40 days prayers started on 11th June and continued for more than 6 months.

After praying for 40 days everyone wanted the prayers to extend to 40 more days and so 80 days prayers began. After 80 days this got extended by another 40 days. For 120 days, thousands of people gathered daily to pray. Many a times the weather was bad and it rained continually, however people came to pray and listen to Gods word. Bro. Satish kumar was led by the Lord to meditate on the book of Nehemiah during these 4 months of prayer. Everyone enjoyed soaked up the word of God and as Nehemiah prayed for 3 to 4 months before God asked him to build the wall of Jerusalem, even so Calvary temple also prayed for 120 days.

On October 9th at 6.30am God spoke to bro.satish kumar to lay the foundation stone for the church building. By this time the church had payed a lot of money for the land and to immediately construct a church would be a challenging step. But Bro. Satish kumar heard from God and wanted to lay the foundation stone and asked God to enable him to build the church in 52 days as He did for Nehemiah. Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days.

During the church service Brother Satish kumar declared saying “We are going to build the church in 52days with the help of Gods mighty hand and we are going to lay the foundation stone on 11 November. We will finish construction by 31 December and enter into the new sanctuary on 1st Jan 2013”. This was an astonishing news and came as a surprise to all the members! Can a church as big as a stadium with a seating capacity of nearly 18,000 be built in 52 days ???? Is this is possible???

By Gods grace and mercy on the 11th of November the foundation stone was laid by Brother Satish kumars beloved mother and his family amidst many of Gods servants and church believers.

Is it possible to build a church with a seating capacity of nearly 18,000 in 52 days ??? This is a million dollar question. Even many godly people thought that Bro.Satish Kumar made a wrong decision in announcing that the church will be built in 52days. This was impossible. If the Church will not be built in 52 days then whatever name he had earned during these years will be wiped out. But God was so good to Bro.Satish Kumar and his word. Though many problems and challenges were encountered during construction yet God kept HIS promise and helped build the church in 52 days. All the church members entered into the new sanctuary on 1st Jan 2013 at 6.00pm and celebrated God’s victory and saw the work of His hand. Glory be to God !

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